2000 1800 Capri BR (125hp) vs 2011 180 BR (90hp)?


Mar 15, 2010
Hello, I am looking at two different bayliner runabout outboard boats that are very similar except age and horsepower. The newer one is nicer in some other ways... factory ski pole, cover, bimini, etc vs custom and third party stuff on the 2000. However, the 2000 has that slightly bigger motor which is killing me. It's also fairly clean for the age but obviously not as clean as the 2011. I will probably only ski 3-4 times a summer, fish maybe 6 and do just cruising sessions a good dozen times. Any thoughts on the below choices? I didnt know if there was anything i wasnt thinking of due to age of boat/motors. Thanks!

2000 Bayliner 1800 Capri BR (Mercury 125hp 4 stroke) $8,800

2011 Bayliner 180 BR (Mercury 90hp 4 stroke) $10,000