1998 9.9 Gamefisher model #225.581988


Jul 29, 2009
Can someone tell me how to get the carburetor off a 9.9 Gamefisher outboard. Bought this a couple weeks ago, was overheating /changed the impeller and thermostat. Was running slow speed no wake all of a sudden it would die , pump the ball a couple times it would start right up 1 pull. Rebuilt fuel pump cleaned that little thing they call a filter out ran good for awhile. Then 2 days ago we took it out no more than 1 hour(really hot out) on way back in motor died, than was hard to get started. Once started it runs but, once you put it into gear it dies. Before ,when we started it in start position, once it started it would race a little and you would back off the throttle a little it was fine . Now you start it, it doesn't race like it used to and if you back down on the throttle (like before) she dies.

Which leads me to the carburetor, the one thing i didn't touch yet. Can anyone tell me if this is my problem, and if so, what is the trick to getting this carburetor off ??? Let me thank you before time cause I am new to the computer and sometimes slow at trying to figure out how to use these forums it's all new t me. Hope I did this right ????


Sep 5, 2011
Re: 1998 9.9 Gamefisher model #225.581988

sounds like you may have lost a cylinder...

Pull the head and look at the pistons, and cylinder walls for damage. Then pull the plastic cover off the back of the lower unit and you'll find the thermostat. Pull it out and you'll find the source of your overheating. You're probably going to find a massive clog behind the thermostat. Clean it out and see if it pees out lots of water when running. If not, change the impeller.

Best of luck!