1993 Seadoo running hot


Seaman Apprentice
Apr 14, 2009
We just picked up a 93 and 94 Seadoo recently, and the 587CC motor is running hot. I flushed all cooling lines, there was some minor plugging but now it has great flow. It shoots the 2 telltale holes out 5 feet when underway.
The audible alarm goes off after 10 minutes riding and the block is hot. Wondering what I need to be looking for now as good flow has been verified in every cooling hose so far.
I even premixed a tank even though the injection is hooked up just in case it wasn't getting enough lube and heating up that way.
Other than that it runs great fires right up and idles nice.
Thanks for any help at all, first time ever with a PWC.



Chief Petty Officer
Jul 17, 2009
Re: 1993 Seadoo running hot

you should be able to touch the top of the engine with your hand and hold it there for a few seconds. Water should not sizzle on the top of the motor. If it does, you still have a restriction. I expect the motor to be hot, but not sizzling hot. If its just hot, but not sizzling hot, perhaps your overheat sensor is faulty. Other issues could be plugged intake at the pump (partially plugged with sand or debris), or sand in your cooling system. The top of the head houses a cooling chamber and is sealed with O rings. Sand frequently gets deposited there and can obstruct cooling.