1992 Spectrum 1706 questions


Jul 2, 2013
Since I am having trouble getting my motor running and it seems to be a fuel supply issue I want to look into the fuel system. First I would like to know what the hole in about a foot from the stern of the boat on the starboard side is for? I originally thought it was for the fuel tank vent. But now I am thinking it maybe for the bildge?!? I hit the bildge switch and nothing happens, I dont hear anything either. Guessing I need a new pump. Then on the very back of the boat on the starboard side top corner there is "something" and I am now thinking that it is the vent with a cover to not let water in??

Does any of this sound correct? I will try and take pictures and post them if it would help.

My boat dash only has a fuel guage and a speedo. I am not sure that either of them work. I saw on ebay a new insert that has speedometer, tachometer, fuel and battery gusges on it for ~$100. Was thinking about getting it and was wondering if I do is my boat already wired for all of this and it is jsut a plug and go thing or will I have to re wire all of it??