1989 Marlin Skier w/ MIE 5.7 liter Mercruiser Inboard

Jul 30, 2009
I thought I would start this thread to help out anyone seeking information on an full inboard 1989 Marlin Skier. I just recently purchased one in excellent shape. I'm slowly going through some of the things that need to be addressed. The seals (rudder and stuffing box) are the only real items at the moment which I know it needs. Whoever packed them last, either didn't put but one coil, or they have been adjusted so much, the packing is just about gone.

I will be adding to this thread as I take things apart and document what is needed, and where to find them. I ordered 1/4 inch GFO and 3/8 GFO (ordered from Equalseal.com over the internet) . Those are for the stuffing box and rudder respectively. I'm pretty sure I ordered correctly, but will make any changes to items that are incorrect after the job is done.

I am also adding a stowing stainless boarding ladder under the swim platform. I will also document the addition.

Big Sky Phender Pros (3/8) will be added in four places. I just don't like the idea of adding cleats. My fender lines will also have extra loops, for mooring to another boat, and the dock.

Stay tuned for more info, for future members.



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