1988 Sportcraft 270 offshore


Nov 14, 2011
i recently bought a 270 offshore...really nice boat....motor starts and runs good...except for the fact that the prop, prop shaft and rudder are missing, and there is hole where the rudder used to bolt to....has mercruiser 454.....anyone have any idea on the value of this boat....i beleive it is just to big a project for me to take on....any info would be appreciated


Petty Officer 2nd Class
Aug 28, 2011
Re: 1988 Sportcraft 270 offshore

It's pretty hard to put a price on it without knowing more about it. Do you have any pictures? The older the boat, the wider the potential price range. It will all depend on the original package, the optional equipment, condition of the hull, powerplant, cabin, etc. A lot can happen to a boat in 23 years. A boat with obsolete components will be worth less, however; this does not discourage people who are good at searching for parts. The good news is that Mercruiser parts are readily accessible.

Without seeing your boat, or knowing more details, it could be worth anywhere between $3,500 and $16,000.

The best explanation of what something is worth, is "whatever people are willing to pay for it."