1988 Bayliner Capri No Spark


Jan 10, 2021
hello, I have a 1988 Bayliner Capri. US Marine Power Force 50 HP. Engine Model#507X8D. Serial: 2723. CDI Ignition. I started off replacing one of the coils that was bad. I think one of the spark plug wires are Bad. here's a list of information questions and problems.
1) does anybody have a part number for the longer spark plug wire (approximately 17 inches) for the 1988 50 horsepower Force?
2) I have checked the resistance of the two yellow wires coming off of the stator which is 1.27 the blue wires was also 1.27 I cannot see any red wires coming from the stator. the reason why I say this is because a video on YouTube showing a guy testing a stator from a similar engine had two red wires also. does my engine only have two yellows, two blues, and two greens (to the rectifier) coming from the stator?
3) How do you test ignition switch?
4) could my no start problem be the circuit breaker and can I jump over it?
5) can anyone send me a wiring diagram for underneath the dash only. the only wiring diagrams I can find online are the ones for the engine I want to know where the wires go from the ignition switch. the reason I say this is because someone made a mess of things underneath there (just behind the Ignition switch) there's a disconnected black wire that goes to a round plastic box under the dash that I don't know what it is. there's a orange wire that's disconnected from a black wire. and the kill switch was super glued and the two wires behind it were connected together.
5) what is the round black box with two screw terminals underneath the dash? (see picture#1)
6) How do you bypass the kill switch? just disconnect the wires?
7) How do you test or determine if it is the CDI?
8) How do you test the rectifier?
9) a lot of red wires were connected together to a black wire underneath the dash, what do you think the last people who had the boat were trying to do? (see picture #2) (that's why I need the wiring diagram)
Thank you.
(the third picture is behind the kill switch that they had the wires tied together)


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