1986 Force 235


Jul 2, 2009
Hi all! Was hoping there is some life in this forum. I just acquired a 1986 Baja Force 235 from a very close friend and we are in the verge of getting it back in the water after a 6 year hiatus. 20220617_200357.jpg
As with all boat stories, this boat has a heck of a past. I was told that I am the 4th-5th owner... The second/third owner did one heck of a resto, and my friend has had a lot of ups and downs. The boat started life as a 235 with a 350 merc tied to an alpha 1... Then things get screwy. The 350 got smoked after a full resto-mod. The original white was completely stripped from the craft in 1996, and every ounce was repainted yellow. Add aftermarket graphics, full new guage set and a lowly 305, and it ran south nj in the bay and shore line up until 2009 when my friend acquired it in a trade for labor. The 305 was strong, pulled the boat 50mph up until 2015... then it started smoking.
Long story short, in 2016, a 454 with a bravo 1 was installed. It was professionally built, dyno tested at 540 hp (still have the papers), and easily crossed Lake Hopatcong, NJ at a smooth 60mph... Top speed was never pushed, as my friend was still breaking the engine in. But disaster stuck in its third day of running. A loose air filter somehow rattled off and the nut fell into the engine at speed. Towed back to the marina, pulled from the water, worst fears imagined, no compression in cylinder 5.
In comes me! I saw the boat sitting back in 2017. Started asking questions. By 2018, I was ripping into it. Pulled the heads to find the nut stuck in the intake valve, wedged in the seat. Never touched the piston!!!!!
Sent the heads out in 2019, fully rebuilt, new Manley valves, 3 angle valve job, new pro comp springs and seats and we were back in business. Then covid!!!!
Fast forward to today. I was given the boat a week ago to finally complete!! Keys and title and all parts!
I just finished installing Harland Sharp roller rockers, trying to find a new bolt set for the manifolds, and have to reinstall the drive. I'm shooting for a couple weeks from now, but if anyone read all this, feel free to check on updates coming soon!!!20220617_114915.jpg

Hope you enjoyed the read, hopefully this bad by will be ready soon!!!