1982 Skeeter SS-1 Sport Fisherman with Jack plate setup?


Jul 12, 2012
I bought a 1982 Skeeter SS-1 Sport Fisherman about two months back that had been setting for 20 years. It needed some work on the floor. It had a small hole where the front live well overflow was at in floor. Owner did keep tarp over it to prevent more damage. It has a 1982 70hp Mercury on it with a jack plate. I have restored the boat,trailer, and engine work back to good condition. I have engine running good and everything working on boat. Tach,Water pressure and speedo. I have less than $800.00 in it now. I need help on jack plate settings. Engine has 15" pitch Stainless Steel prop which works good for one person for hole shot. Takes 40 seconds for two people and three won't plane until someone moves to front. Anti cavitation plate is set at 6" back off transom 4 1/2" above bottom of boat and or about even with hull recess. Setting to high I think but boat will run about 50mph set 1 person trimmed out but prop looses bite very easy. I would like to have side decals also? And any suggestion on plate settings?
More pictures on facbook
Thanks, Andy