1982 Sears Gamefisher 9.9 ignition problems


Oct 21, 2011
M/N 217-586251
It seems my GF has the typical issues of these models and needs an ignition fix. Did a bunch of reading and most posts are 4+ years old. So I thought I would just ask.
Anyone have a fix for these yet? I took it to a couple of local boat repair shops and they kept referring me to someone else, till that someone else laughed and said he has two with the same problem. He did mention that he heard someone was making replacement kits on the east coast for these but could not confirm it, and my research cannot confirm it.

This thing is cherry, I got it from the original owner and it only has 5 hours on it, it looks brand new, a bit dirty though, and before I part it out I would like to confirm that there is no good fix for it.
Someone did mention swapping coils to a better one, but it was a different HP rating, but that was as far as it went.