1976 sportcraft 25 c eagle


Aug 13, 2014
I found a boat in the garbage at a junk yard and they said to get it out of there or it will be chopped up they had the title . it looks like a large pickup truck for the water. I cant find much info on it. I live at a marina on the il. river.. the merc 888 runs good. I will redo the stringers etc before I use it. they are ok but i heard they didn't seal the ends at the factory or something like that. I like her lines and will keep this one my friends that live in fl. most of the year say it looks salty. anyway it is hard to find anyone that likes these old work horses. ive rubbed it out and it looks good except for a few gouges. a guy had it and did a foul job on the floors and got the motor running . then he sold it to a guy that wanted the trailer so he could put his carver on it to sell.it was then put on a pile of old tires and trash for the winter.its now at the marina where it belongs and after waxing it and seeing it blocked up I cant leave it alone. the docks are 30 ft from my apt. at the marina and the boat is here. it really makes this easier I have 3 or 4 other boats so I know what im getting into . my brother says boat stands for bust out another thousand but in this case bust out another 2000 is closer. any input or info would be welcome. the boat will never be worth half what I put in it but I like it and wont sell it anyway. I will put 20 or 30 hard fun years on it though.
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