1976 Angler possible restoration


Jun 28, 2010
Hello all,

I have been a troller on iboats for the past couple years and have the opportunity of acquiring a 1976 Angler - still in negotiation mode...I have offered $200 - without knowing what the engine is or shape...and that includes the trailer as well...now I have been looking for quite some time, and look forward to a restoration project. I do have technical skills and do have outside resources for assistance so this is not a project that I will be taking alone. For whatever reason, this boat has been calling out to me..even after I look at other project boats..I don't know why but I keep coming back to this. I have attached pictures of what I have taken thus far. I know that the interior is a disaster...but I see something else in mind..and I also know that this is not something I am going to have up and running in the next month or two..my expectations are to have it up by next boating spring. Any additional thoughts or word of encouragement..or discouragement is great encouraged...lol. If I need to stay away from this...tell me..I know that the resources from here will be greatly utilized as well.


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