1972 Fiberform Trihull/ straight 6 GM


Dec 31, 2010
I,m definitely new to the boating community. I bought this unit when covered with snow and -15 degrees in Noorth Idaho fro a WW II Vet Navy. It was naturally as is but he seemed very honest. Just thwe other day I had enough time to start to look it over. I filled engine with water and no leaks I put some fuel in it and it lit right offf Yea. Prop engaged fwd and back. The boat is setting on a trailer naturaly however the rear dolly wheels are rammed against the hydraulic lines and the outdrive. I really wanted to know about the trim of the outdrive so I just barely touched the trim buttons When I hit in the fluid flew from a ruptured line but the trim motor ran When Out button nothing happeded, when I hit the up/out button nothing happeded???? There is a wire disconnected (Yellow) from a solenoid on the left side of the engineand its hanging near the solenoid on the pump. Could that be the reason for no up or up/out? WHERE does it get connected?if you think that the issue. Like I said I,m not a boat man but limited funds mean I have to fix it. If you have time to answer me I would really appreciate it Jim U.S. Army Retired