1971 18'' tri hull, need picture of orginal upholstery


Seaman Apprentice
Dec 28, 2012
Hey Guys,

So my buddy gave me a 1971 fiberform this summer, he said I should take it or its going to the landfill.

I rebuilt the buick 225 v6 this summer. Now that its winter I am going to finish the upholstery. The problem is my buddy ripped all the upholstery out to rebuild the floor (which is this springs project as well as the stringers) plus the old upholstery sat in the weather from 95 till the present, so I have no idea how it all gose together.

So I was hoping one of you guys have picture of the orginal upholstery for a

1971 Fiberformk, its 18'- 9'' long and a I/O Open bow (no model on the title.. weird)

I can figure most of it out but I found a couple cusions and the manufacuture in sharpy on the foam scrawed "jump" seat
they where connected to a couple larger cushions and a fold out leg or wall... I guess it really doesn't matter how I do it but I think it would be cool to get it back to factory orginal.

Thank you guys