1968 Mercury 100hp Water from upper exhaust openings


May 22, 2020
I recently fired up this 68 100hp Mercury engine, discovered the tell tail was plugged....the engine was still cold so it was pumping I just didn't know how good (it was on the muffs). Decided to go ahead and put a new pump in and I think I may have messed something up for as the video shows exhaust and water are shooting out the ports under the power head. I did not remove the exhaust tube or did it even move when I pulled the lower unit and don't recall if it was doing this prior to the new pump, as mentioned I only had the muffs on for a short period before I changed the pump. I have 65 100 hp engine also and I don't recall it doing this. The question is, did I mess something up, miss a gasket or is this normal. I know there is an exhaust gasket on the bottom of the tube, it seemed good so I left it alone. I'm not very savvy with outboards so I really don't know, was hoping one of you would set me straight.
This is a 1968 1000ss


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