1968 16' Hydroswift


Jul 29, 2008
We are fairly new members here and definitely new to owning a boat.

About 6 weeks ago we purchased a 1968 16' Hydroswift boat from a local seller for $1100.00. It has an inline 4 cyl. Mercruiser 120 engine and a Mercruiser 120 (pre-Alpha) outdrive. The prop is a 15 1/4" X 15 pitch aluminium.

The previous owner had used it mostly for fishing and maintainence had been lacking. After we got it clean, we tried it out and found it didn't have much top end speed (not that I want to go too fast, but 26 mph by gps?). While researching props it became apparent that the tach was not correct. That is now replaced.

While out recently, I was going to change props to gather additional info when suddenly, no forward in the boat. Luckily we were in the marina and used reverse to get the boat over to be loaded on the trailer. It was the lower driver cable. While this was repaired, we also had the leaking bellows and gimbal bearing replaced.

We have replaced the torn boat cover and have already had some fun!!

During the winter season, I'll have the engine crack metal stitched and either this fall or next spring I'll paint some accents on the hull. Maclin you think yours is dull, mine has nothing but the base color. I also have a small leak in the outdrive tilt/trim system I need to seal up.

I'll post some pics after we go out this weekend but I still need to finish waxing the hull before the family reunion this Saturday. I'm in charge, so, we're going boating.



May 27, 2007
Re: 1968 16' Hydroswift

Looking forward to the pics!

I just put a video of ours up on YouTube and will post a link here soon....