1966-67 Sportcraft 16 ft C-Eagle (Ford-Volvo) restoration


May 8, 2014
I am resurrecting this boat after sitting since 2001. I want to turn over the engine by hand in the correct direction. Which way do I turn while facing the crank? Also I will first pull plugs and use PB Blaster in the Ford 260 Interceptor engine - 165 HP decal on right chrome valve cover - windsor block I think. Last time I did this, debris in fuel lines clogged rebuilt carb. So I will clean fuel line in front of carb (dealer put plastic filter in line inch or two from carb). Any other tips? Plugs clearance tight - is there a wrench or trick to remove these? Fuel filter down near left motor mount - is this able to be unscrewed as clearance is tight? What filter is used? Thanks for any help!