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'09 2152..Kicker motor reccomendations?

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  • '09 2152..Kicker motor reccomendations?

    Hello all..Last fall I bought a 2009 2152 and want to mount a kicker on it in a big way. The reason for having the kicker is for walleye fishing. Anyone have any reccomendations on mounts and/or motors? Any special considerations I should be aware of when moutning the bracket? I am looking at the 2010 9.8 HP Tohatsu 4 stroke (20" shaft). I can get it for $1780 delivered..it is tiller steer, mannual tilt. Is this a good price?

    Also considering the Garelick mount for 4 strokes.

    Will the tiller steer be workable? I have heard of guys locking the kicker strait and using the outdrive as a "rudder"..has anyone tried this?

    What kind of set ups do you guys run?


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    Re: '09 2152..Kicker motor reccomendations?

    I have a 1802 trophy and I mounted a 8 hp honda with a extra long shaft This set up works great because I do not have to lower the motor and tilt it. All I need to do is tilt it into the water.For a few dollars more I bought a new honda with 5 year warranty. What you need to watch is the travel on these motor brackets. Mine has 9 in. which I don't know would be enough with a long shaft. Ron