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Tracker Pro Team 175 & 190 Dual Console?

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  • Tracker Pro Team 175 & 190 Dual Console?

    Just curious...

    You guys think that the new Ranger RT188 Aluminum will give the Pro Team 190 a run for its money?

    I have been looking at them and have talked with a few dealers and they are having a really hard time keeping them on the show room floor.

    My question is, if we put enough pressure on tracker to at least "OFFER" a dual console on the new 190, would tracker maybe pursue it.

    I am buying 2 of the new Ranger RT188's rigged with a 115 Merc 4 Stroke and a dual console for the same price as 2 single console 190's that doesn't even have the option for the 115 merc 4 stroke.

    I have to wait until April 12th to even test pilot one. Closest dealer that will have one by then is 3 hours away and I am making the trip.

    I think the new Ranger RT188's are going to give tracker a run for their money. 1st, Ranger is and has been known as the bentley's of boats and alot of that equipment has made its way into the Aluminum Series. 2nd, Can anybody say Warranty Warranty Warranty??? 5 year warranty that covers everything except for abuse and misuse! 3rd, anybody that has been looking at aluminum boats and wanting a dual console no longer has to pay the unruly prices for an Xpress or worry about the hull problems with a Triton.

    Just a thought guys. I am a Tracker guy through and through, still have my 94 tournament tx-17 that I bought new back in 94. I would really like to see tracker step it up with their options to be competitive.

    Let me know your thoughts good or bad!