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Kicker on '88 Tournament 19

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  • Kicker on '88 Tournament 19

    I am currently running a 200 Evinrude on my 19' GW and do a lot of fishing. I want to run an auxilary motor to save wear and tear on the main motor and have less noise while fishing. I'd like to be able to have full control (ignition, throttle, steer) from the helm. My question is this: what have people found to work best? What am I looking at for total cost? I was thinking of going with the Honda 9.9 High Thrust, any comments? Aesthetically, it would be ideal to find a four stroke late model Johnson, anyone know where to find one? Any personal experiences and/or pictures specific to a Tournament 19 would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: Kicker on '88 Tournament 19

    any 9.9 will work really good on tha boat


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      Re: Kicker on '88 Tournament 19

      Last year I replaced the 8HP 2000 Yamaha 2 cycle with a a 9.9HP 2008Yamaha 4 cycle electric start and power tilt.

      The 8HP was a real bugger to start when cold and a PITA to reach over the transom and pull up for high speed running.

      The new engine makes fishing about 500% better.

      I think the engine price was about $2500. My GW dealer gave me a great trade in on the old unit. I think he gave me $700 which brought the cost down to $1800 plus tax.

      I agree that ANY 9.9 would do the job although after using it, power tilt is the only way I would ever go from now on.


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        Re: Kicker on '88 Tournament 19

        I have a 9.9 yami high thrust on a Panther bracket on my Islander.
        I use the EZ Steer, a bar that attaches to the main motors with an
        air hose fitting style snap on connector.
        Works awesome for trolling or backtrolling.
        Throttle/TiltTrim/Steer from the helm and fairly quiet.

        Can't help w/ price, I'm second owner, first guy did a great job rigging the boat.