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95 cajun 1850 center console

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  • 95 cajun 1850 center console

    hello out there. well im having a bit of a problem and could use some help..i bought this boat off my friend and the wiring is all jacked up. instead of unplugging and coding the wires the just went snip snip. so i guess what im wanting to know is does anyone know where i can find an electrical wiring diagram for this boat or who to call to purchase a boat manual?

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    Re: 95 cajun 1850 center console

    I had the exact same problem with a Cajun Center Console I bought in October. I searched the web and found some good info. The following shows to be for a 1992 but I got this from a generic color code chart and it matched exactly.

    1992 Cajun 1850 Travis Edition
    Wire Color Codes

    Igintion Control
    Wire Color Function Apply

    BLACK/YELLOW Eingine Shutdown GND
    YELLOW/RED Engine Startup 12V
    BLACK Battery Ground GND
    PURPLE Ignition 12V
    RED/PURPLE Battery 12V 12V
    PURPLE/WHITE Choke 12V
    GRAY Tachometer Pulse Sender Pulse Signal
    TAN Alarm Sender Signal

    Trim Control
    Wire Color Function Apply

    GREEN/WHITE Trim Down 12V
    WHITE/BROWN Trim Gauge Sender Signal
    BLUE/WHITE Trim Up 12V
    BROWN/BLACK Trim Gauge Negative GND
    RED/WHITE Trim Gauge Positive 12v

    Wire Color Function

    BLACK Low Voltage Ground Return
    PINK Fuel Sending Unit
    GRAY/GREEN FWD Navigation Lights
    GRAY/BLUE Stern Navigation Lights
    RED/BLACK Windlass Up

    Standard Gauge Wire Color Codes
    Wire Color Function Symbol

    BLACK Ground G
    PURPLE Ignition I
    PINK Fuel Sending Unit S
    BLUE Navigation Lights
    Gray Tachometer Pulse Sender PUL