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Change/Delete Avatar Pic?

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  • Change/Delete Avatar Pic?

    I seem to be able to remove / update my avatar photo. I go to the page where I see the button that says "Remove", however when I click it, it just goes gray and nothing happens. Tried in IE and Chrome. If I click remove and then click the "Save" button below, it just reloads the page with my same Avatar pic there.

    Am I doing something wrong?

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    Maybe not. The signature line has given me issues for months. I haven't tried monkeying with the avatar. Though, I'm thinking the one you're displaying is new.

    I'll play with it again and see what's going on.


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      Yeah I uploaded the one you see here, but as you can see for whatever reason even though the image I uploaded is centered, the avatar is offset to the right. Wanted to try and fix that, but I can't remove this one or upload a new one.


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        Replying with my main account since I was able to recover it.

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