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towed another one in tonight (3 this year)

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  • towed another one in tonight (3 this year)

    Went out for a nice day on the water. rafted with a friend. Came back in about 5:30 and threw a couple lines on to hold it while we talked to the dock neighbor. another dock neighbor comes over and asks if we were heading out. Nope...just came in. her BF is out on his boat about 3 miles up with 5 kids on board stranded for 2 hours. so we fire back up and head up with her on board now. towed him back. getting good at this towing thing...lol

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    Thanks for helping out ones in need.
    Best regards, Ted . . . . Cape Cod, MA

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      I've tugged two in this year ... honestly for those times that I've needed a hand, I'm glad to do it. Glad you are too.


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          Great job boatman !! Good that there are folks like you to help out when called on !!
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            Good karma coming your way! We've all needed a tow-in from time to time. It's just part of lake life.


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              Anyone on our dock would have done the same just that by that time most were gone. One started to head out but found his bilge was filling with water. No idea why but he made it back in. Then they called another who was at home 10 minutes away and was heading down until they found me. I joke about it but don't mind and will do it every time barring any safety related reasons. So far in 3 seasons I haven't needed the favor returned (yet) so filling my bank with karma now...lol. But the owners of that boat are good people so would do it again in a heartbeat.


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                I have been towed and I have towed in broken down boats. It's something we as boaters will do for others when the need arises.
                Rick Grew

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                  3 in a season, wow, that's a bunch, good show! I won't refuse towing and consider it a part of boating, lend a hand when needed. Plus, most of the places I boat don't have towing service, or it would be hourssss away. I've only been towed once, but paid that back many times, before and after.

                  Heck, I even towed a 24'er with my 14' jon boat, on it's trolling motor! Well, it was only 300-400 yards when their boat crapped out, outside the marina. They were utterly shocked my tiny boat could move theirs... LOL!
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                    Yeah. We have no tow service near us. If we don't help each other then you are screwed.

                    I towed in a 340 Sundancer a month or so ago. We were already in the no wake and the whole trip was no wake about 1.5 miles or so back to his marina. Seemed like towing this 18'er the other day was harder on the boat than that 340 was. Cruised at about 7 MPH the whole way for about a 3 mile trip (50 minutes or so)


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                      It's my pleasure to tow or lend a hand to folks on the water....it's an uneasy feeling being stuck off down a river somewhere and a storm blowing in or the sun going down. I do believe a lot of novice boaters treat their boats the same as their cars....just add gas and go!....it ain't that simple in a boat!...