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    Hey Folks - newbie here to boating and this awesome forum. Any thoughts on what size tune (number of people it holds) is best for towing by an 18ft, 2,200lb, Bowrider powered by a 135hp Merc. I/O 3.0L?

    Considering this one - thoughts?


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    You'll be fine since towing a tube doesn't have to reach a set speed or in a certain amount of time. I used to have a 18' with the same motor towing a 2 person figure 8 shaped tube and never had any issues. Now have a 20' with 5.0 Volvo and tow the bigger version of the tube your looking at that holds 4, bought it at Costco a few years back. Also have a pair of 2 seater tubes that we pull at the same time, basically bumper boats. You may find if the boat take a bit to get onto plane with a bigger tube. If that happens, I'd recommend a different prop for more towing power or smart tabs. I have both on my 20' and it is a rocket up to speed when not towing and when pulling the 4 person tube, still gets up on plane pretty quickly.
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      Get the size you think you are going to use most. You'll be fine towing that. It'll be a different experience towing three large adults vs. three small kids, but you should be able to give pretty much any combination of people a good time. I tow something similar with a Starcraft Holiday with a 90hp motor on it (lighter boat, smaller motor), and my guests have never complained.
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        Awesome - good to know...thanks a bunch!