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Sport Jet important info and basics

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  • Sport Jet important info and basics

    If you have a Jet drove boat with a Mercury Sport Jet Engine here are some basics to get started .

    OK here we go ! First of all I need to know which stator you have , black or red . Black stator will have a blue and red wire coming out from the flywheel and connecting to the switchbox , Red stator will have green/white and white/green going to an adapter and then a single blue going to the switchbox. Unless you have the CDM conversion in which case you will not have a switchbox , so post that up also.
    Here are the steps for the red stator (most popular) if you have a black one post it and I will send diag and readings for it .

    REMEMBER !!! Never run this boat out of the water without a dealer type flush kit hooked up, you will blow the ride plate off and that is major $$$. You want just water flow with the flush kit hooked up , NO PRESSURE it will get into the engine !
    1994 Bayliner Reflexx
    90 hp Merc / Force Sport Jet

    If you do not like my advice, Remember , My Boat Runs , So can yours
    If you are not ready to spend $25 for a manual for your boat then sell it
    He Man Outboard Haters Sport Jet Club .... president