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Prop help please.

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    Originally posted by d75bender View Post
    @WesNewell...just tried to use Mercurys prop selector and my engine is a 1997 Evinrude Intruder FICHT. The selector only goes down to a 2001. I used the 2001 150hp FICHT though and the results were all 23p props with a top speed of 59.34mp which is exactly what I had with my 23p prop previously.
    The reasons it may have come up with a 23p instead of the 27p I got when I ran it are many, including, boat weight, which I entered as 1200#, people and gear, which iirc I entered as 500#, and altitude, which I left sea level (0 ft.), and fuel, which I entered a s20 gal iirc. The most important thing is making sure the engine is mounted at the proper height. At the wrong height, performance can vary by 20%.
    Assuming you are getting 59mph @5200rpm with the 23p prop, that's just a 3% slip, which is excellent. Even if you are at 5500rpm for that speed, it's still pretty good at 8% slip.


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      I went back and re-entered other stats and it came up with different pitches for the prop so you're right about that. I don't have a jack plate on my boat and the engine was rebuilt by the previous owner, I can tell the motor's height has been changed previously. As to when it was changed, your guess is as good as mine. I can tell by looking at all the different mounting holes for the motor and you can obviously see where the bolts were at one point in time.

      But with that 23p I was getting 59mph @5200rpm and it felt like the perfect fit for my boat. I already ordered a brand new 23p, the same prop I had previously so I'll stay with that. I'll report back once I take it out with the new 23p prop. It won't be here for a little over a week so its gonna be a second.

      Thanks for all the help and suggestions.


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        Had the boat out today with the 23p prop and it felt sooooo much better than the 21p. Felt smooth, no ventilation, no noticeable slipping at all. I had 2 people full gear and the stats stayed darn near the exact same as when I had it out by myself if not a tad better at points. 58mph for the most part at 5300rpms. Even touched 60mph at 5500rpm's when trimmed just right in calmer water. It was a little rough out on the lake today so I'm sure by myself I'll be hitting 60mph with it. Not to shabby for a 150hp motor and a Turning Point prop which was way less expensive than a lot of the other SS props I was looking at. Was on my brothers boat last week with a 250hp on it and it was only hitting 69mph. I've been told the 374V isn't Rangers fastest hull so I'm sticking with this prop. Tired of changing it back and forth lol. Thanks for all the help, much appreciated.