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12' 6" Steury Fiberglass Boat

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    Thanks again everyone for your assistance. Appreciated.


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      Originally posted by Scott Danforth View Post
      norton is a joke
      I got a PC on my desk at work the first year they were available. The one on my desk at home came only a few months later. Have had a new one every time they were upgraded. Have had all the virus software as well. Norton served me better than any other. I don't know what the joke is!
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        Nice looking little boat. I love the lines of all the old stuff, furniture to boats. Now almost every car on the road are clones of the competition. We used to sit on the veranda and ID every car that passed, by make, model and year. Now you can't tell a Ford from a Chevy.

        In Canada any boat with less than 10 horsepower does not need a registration I have been told. I'm not so sure about that. I know a 9.9 HP doesn't need to be registered, thus 10 HP motors carry the 9.9 rating. It must be similar in some states, we don't manufacture boat motors. I had a 12' Eagle inflatable with a 4 HP 4 stroke Honda, it was never registered. When I bought it I registered it for insurance purposes. I wish I still had that Honda. Not miles per gallon but miles per the ounce.

        I think both Ralph and Norton were hilarious. I didn't know Norton still sold anti-virus protection, aren't they all free now? Most operating systems come with anti virus now. Like my Windows 10 Defender. My comp. guru said no need for anything else for what I use this thing for, maybe for important business applications, not for going on iboats and Buffalo Bills.com.
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