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Magnum Spoons - Have Your Tried It

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  • Magnum Spoons - Have Your Tried It

    Throwing those 8 inch spoons for bass is a new technique for me. Anyone try it already? Any retrieve techniques or ideas I should pay attention to? Thanks to all.

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    I'm not familiar with those, but since they are so large, I'm assuming you're talking striped bass.
    I'll stick around and see what the experts say.
    I fish on Lake Wallenpaupack, a 13 mile long, 52 mile shoreline lake in northeastern PA which has some nice (landlocked) stripers. I've not caught any, but met people who have and like you, I need to learn.


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      They are all the rage for tournament largemouth fishing in deep water. Expensive ($20) so I'm making my own. I can make one for $4. It does take a lot of time to cut, bend and polish. Fun winter project.


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        Are they casting or jigging them?

        I'm a fan of casting as far as I can and working it back to vertical giving it a bit in case something followed it back,....

        Never used those spoons,.... Swedish Pimples, Mepps Cyclops, Moonshine Shiver Minnows are my go to lures for "jigging"