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Yamaha 2 stroke remote tank alarm issue

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  • Yamaha 2 stroke remote tank alarm issue

    OK - here is my issue.

    Engine: 2005 - 150hp Yamaha 2 stroke - oil injected.

    Problem: Low oil alarm at key is "sounding" constant, while engine is running. Engine goes in to limp mode.

    1) Alarm at key appears to work (makes noise), limp mode works due to alarm.

    2) Disconnected the engine mounted oil tank harness. Alarm still sounds.

    3) Disconnected the remote oil tank harness, alarm quits. (Problem solved, so I thought). I ohm'd the old remote oil tank sensor, and float switch seemed to work intermittent. So, I purchased a new remote oil tank sensor.

    While waiting for the new sensor, I learned a couple things:

    I removed the black wire, from the remote tank harness, just before it connects to the oil tank sensor harness. This stops the alarm, and also allowed engine to work "NOT in limp mode". The engine runs great, because it does not think remote tank is low on oil. Engine continues to run fine off engine mounted oil tank, until it gets low. When it gets low, key alarm sounds. (which is good)

    a) Learned both the oil pump transfer switch works & the oil pump in remote tank works when holding the transfer switch. Does NOT pump oil though, while black wire is unhooked. I can transfer oil from remote tank to engine tank, while engine is running.

    New sensor arrived:

    Installed new oil tank sensor. Plugged black wire back in connector, and hooked everything back up to stock configuration. Moment of truth...started engine.

    4) Damn key alarm is going off constant, and engine is back in limp mode. (New sensor did NOT fix it...grrrrrr!!!)

    Now the oddity:

    Removed new oil tank sensor from remote tank, hooked up to wire harness, so I could manipulate float, while engine is running. When the float on the sensor is in the "up" position (indicating good oil level). The alarm sounds constant. When float is "down" or indicating tank is low, alarm does not sound.

    In my mind. This is working, exactly opposite of how it should be working.

    Any suggestions what could be the problem?

    Bad key switch/alarm??
    Bad harness on the remote oil tank??

    Thanks in advance for any help

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    Re: Yamaha 2 stroke remote tank alarm issue



    See if either of these will help


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      Re: Yamaha 2 stroke remote tank alarm issue

      OK - back to working on this tonight. Been stupid busy with real job.

      Ruled out a couple items:
      1) Determined remote tank sensor OK (tried new sensor in remote tank, no change to issue)
      2) Also, remote tank wiring harness OK. (tried new harness didn't change problem)

      Things to check still:
      3) On board tank sensor

      4) Trim position switch (Does this have any effect on a 2005 motor and the alarm at key??)

      5) CDI box

      Am I missing anything else, that could cause key alarm to be sounding. Keeping in mind, if I disconnect remote tank, alarm goes off at key.


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        Re: Yamaha 2 stroke remote tank alarm issue

        OK - Checked the following:

        3) On board tank sensor - 'suspect' sensor OHM'd good. Swapped with known 'good' sensor off my other boat. (which also OHM'd good) Neither sensor corrected alarm at key.

        Also - drained onboard oil tank completely. Turned on key, not starting engine. Remote tank pump starts, begins to fill tank quickly. Pitch1 alarm sounds until on board tank hits bottom molded line (SW2?). Pitch1 changes to Pitch2, never shutting off. Pump continues filling onboard tank, until reaching SW1 fill mark. Pump shuts off automatically. Alarm still sounding at Pitch2.

        Only way to stop Pitch2 is disconnect remote tank wire harness.

        Repeated this process using both onboard tank sensors on 'suspect' engine. Both had same result. Both sensors worked fine on 'good' engine.

        4) CDI box - swapped out with known good CDI box from my other boat. Did not correct problem. Put 'suspect' CDI box on other boat - works fine.

        5) Swapped out complete remote tank system from good boat to suspect boat. Problem did not go away. Pitch2 alarm still sounds.

        6) Trim position switch - I am thinking switch is fine, since tank is filling with key on. I unhooked trim switch connector, and alarm still sounds at key.

        7) Tachometer - unhooked tach - alarm still sounds.

        Have not checked:
        Replacing key switch

        Is there anything else, that could cause key alarm to be sounding? I am stumped.


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          Re: Yamaha 2 stroke remote tank alarm issue

          Check the computer. Remove cover and check for any crack on computer. I had the same problem and it was the computer.


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            I just got a triton with a 225 Vmax on it. The oil injector system has been completely removed, and it's in "limp mode". How do I fix that? I'm new to these engines and oil injection system, so I'm really in the dark. Any help would be so appreciated.


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