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suzuki dt30 wiring harness

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  • suzuki dt30 wiring harness

    I have a 1986 suzuki d30.Is it possible to wire it up to a key ignition from a car or do you have to have the correct suzuki switch?The wire harness coming from the engine has 7 pins.Can i cut this off and just wire straight to an ignition?If so how do i do this?

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    Re: suzuki dt30 wiring harness

    Welcome. . .

    what type key switch do you have now ? Turn to start or push to choke & turn to start ?

    Are the wires on your current swith attached to a harness, battery or wire nuts ?

    Wouldn't use a car part ever on a boat...different type wire. Car parts don't weather well.

    Hope that helps.
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      Re: suzuki dt30 wiring harness

      The harness carries the main power + and -, the buzzer warning signal, the ingnition on/off and the choke. Every thing is possible but what a messy job. Automotive components are not suitable for marine applications.
      I know the Suzuki replacement is not cheap but that is the only way to go.


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        Re: suzuki dt30 wiring harness

        hi i seen your post on wsf and thought to spent some time searching iboats , and here i see your listing also lololol

        sorry to say that i havent been able to find anything sofar

        ron ( irishron40 on wsf)



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          Re: suzuki dt30 wiring harness

          You would have to check the schematic diagram for your motor.

          Some motors use power for the ignition and some ground a wire to kill the spark.

          It's possible to do expensive damage if not dealt with correctly.