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Lock for a 9.9 Yamaha?

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  • Lock for a 9.9 Yamaha?

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this question. Mods, please feel free to move the thread:

    I have a 9.9 Yamaha on my small 16 foot rebuilt Starcraft Kingfisher.

    A friend's shop is just up the road, and I'm debating parking the boat there when not in use. The trouble is that it's right on the road, and while I seriously doubt anyone will steal my O/B, I don't want to be negligent.

    You guys have any suggestions for outboard locks? Which are best and affordable? What's right-sized for a 9.9?

    I've already got a trailer hitch lock, and will likely put a small wheel boot on as well.

    Thanks so much!

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    If you're looking for cheap, I've locked them before by tightening both clamps up so that the holes in the handles line up and then put a long shank pad lock through the holes. Its probably not the most secure. Some one could brake the handles and put vise grips on the clamp screws. Then again if the thief is thinking ahead they could cut the clamp screws off no matter how you lock it.
    If you buying one like this just make sure that the slot is narrow enough to lock in securely behind your handles.
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      A lock of any sort slows them down. I saw one case where they took a chainsaw, cut the transom around the motor bracket to get the motor off.
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        Maybe build a wall around it ?-------If you build a 24 foot wall , then would migrants bring a 25 foot ladder ???


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          What they said, and maybe cover the boat and motor with an old dirty tarp of some kind.....makes the shiny motor sorta disappear....out of sight/out of mind so to speak....no need that pretty motor just hanging there shouting, " please steal me" to every thieving scumball that happens by....


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            I agree with that suggestion of covering it. Lock it the best you can and cover it.
            When I used to commute by motorcycle into Manhattan I would always carry my cover and had a thick stranded steel cable lock. And as suggested, tthe uglier the cover, the better! But even if it's covered, you might be worried about it. It's a tough call.
            I'm also wondering what a 9.9 weighs. Would it be too heavy or too much to disconnect for you to just take it with you? Is it tiller control or steering/helm control?


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              My ratty, moldy cover extends over the motor. But I still want to lock it.

              The 9.9 is only 75 lbs., But I have a side console, so I can't take it with me .

              I've seen this locking bars the go over both screws. Anyone ever use one?


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                I have one of these outboard locks, seems to work well. Replaced the cheap lock with a heavy Master Lock. Bent it a bit for a tighter fit and threw in some foam so it doesn't rattle...


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                  A hidden bolt through the transom may deter thieves.----If after unscrewing the clamps they will find that they can not walk away with it they may stop.------Do not want to turn on a flashlight to find where / how it is held on.


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                    I'm not familiar with your motor, but is it possible to drill a hole somewhere on the frame of the motor and somewhere on the boat? Then get one of those security cables with the loops on the ends, the stranded type that is harder to cut, then nut and bolt and fender washer it on each end. Then either pean over the bolts or weld the nuts to the bolts.
                    If they really want it, they will get it, especially with all the cordless cutting tools that are common these days. Every thing you do to slow them down will deter them. A couple covers with rope tied all around might keep them away since it would take a while to cut all the rope. Use a lot of rope, maybe fluorescent colored so its obvious from a distance. Maybe one of those fake security cameras mounted on your friend's building?
                    Good Luck...


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                      i think the best is to mount ouboard to the transom and screw it by special bolts.
                      and install GPS location module . its cheap solution and you can track your object on Mobile phone