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Thoughts on Mercruiser 4.5 and 6.2

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    What drive ratio do you have?


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      Originally posted by silver_power View Post
      What drive ratio do you have?
      are you asking me? if so I have an alpha 1 gen two 1.81=1


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        Originally posted by aimlow View Post
        Even the 4.5 uses mostly stock Chevy parts.
        This statement goes against what they told us in MerCruiser school. Can you tell us what parts your talking about?
        Good Luck Muc


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          Originally posted by achris View Post
          6.2 is still a SBC....
          The block and heads look different from the small block chevy. The valve cover gasket has a different shape to it. I haven't had one apart yet, but the crank, bearings, rods, pistons and valve train all have new part numbers that don't cross to the old 6.2
          Good Luck Muc


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            This new 6.2l doesn't seem to be related to the GM based 6.2l at all.

            "...this engine is an all-new design created expressly for marine use, executed in-house by Mercury, and exclusive to the company. In this regard, the new 6.2L MPI follows the path blazed by the MerCruiser 4.5L MPI, a 200 or 250-horsepower V6 introduced last year. In fact, according to David Foulkes, vice president of Mercury product development, the 4.5L and 6.2L share about 65 percent common parts."
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              I stand corrected...
              The world takes on a whole new perspective when viewed from 100’ below.
              1972 Bertram ‘Bahia Mar’ 20
              2006 Mercruiser 4.3MPI (0W617679) w/Alpha One Gen II (0W829301)
              (Original - 1972 '165' In-line 6. Previous - 1994 4.3LX)


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                Originally posted by andrewterri View Post
                Are these engines proven to be reliable? Any experience's? Pro's and Con's? I know they will be more to work on since mercruiser is building everything. Leaning towards 6.2 with 300hp.
                Don't think anybody can say proven yet, they just haven't been out long enough.
                So far we haven't seen any "pattern problems" and they seem to be good powerful engines.
                Comparing HP to HP between Volvo and MerCruiser. The Volvo seems to have a much better mid range punch and maybe slightly better fuel economy. The MerCruiser seems to be quieter. I think facing the flame arrestor aft is a good idea. It's hard to tell because I haven't had the chance to run the different engines in the same hull.

                My advice to people who ask which is better? Go with the one that has the best dealer support near you.

                Unless you want a dual purpose boat (runabout/wake boat) then go with the Volvo forward drive!!!! That thing works so good when paired with a hull designed for the forward drive. They work as good as a wake boat but will ride like a runabout when you want.
                Good Luck Muc


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                  thank you guys for all the good info. Muc, that forward drive would be nice and we thought about it but it is a 13,000 dollar option for the 300hp forward drive compared to 4,500 for the 6.2 300hp mercruiser. Is a revolutionary drive but they need to make sure they are not pricing themselves out.


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                    We recently purchased a 2018 Four Winns H230 w/ 6.2 Merc and Bravo III. It was a late season purchase from a Four Winns demo day that had 16hours, way too good of deal to pass up, stole the thing. Anyhow, the 6.2 now has 37hours on it, I cannot say enough good things about the motor. It's very quiet (at least compared to my old 3L Volvo), even at WOT you can talk to the people without screaming. As far as power, well, it'll throw a person down even when going 30mph then goosing it, very powerful, at least in the H230. It has no problems moving with 11 people on board and planing in less than 4 seconds, maybe even 3, just haven't timed it yet. Skiing, wakeboarding, towing is not an issue. Cruising is at 26-27MPH and is so smooth, you hardly notice the thing running, Bravo III also helps with that.

                    There has been one recall on mine which will be fixed before it comes out of storage in spring, the power steering pump pulley had an issue when it has been know to create undo friction and could cause a fire. If you have the solid pulley (the one without the holes), then it's under recall. For the reliability as others have mentioned, it's just too soon, but it does seem to be a very smooth, well built motor.

                    Take care,
                    Current Boat: 2018 Four Winns H230 w/ 6.2L Merc and Bravo III

                    Past Boats: 1994 Four Winns Freedom 170 w/ 3.0L OMC and Volvo SX