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Johnson Starter Problem

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  • Johnson Starter Problem

    OK, starter runs, gear goes up, doesn't engage flywheel all the way, make horrific noise. Someone on another forum said solenoid, replaced that, same problem (down $40 and 1 hour work). What next? Got video of problem. Will post soon. Thanks in advance! (motor is a 198? Johnson28)

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    Welcome aboard:

    I moved you out of the cartoons section into Johnson outboards to see if we can get something rolling for you.

    Flywheel and starter are both in the right position? No teeth missing?


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      Load test the battery.---Take starter apart and inspect brushes.


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        That problem almost always is the starter isn't running fast/suddenly enough. Check battery, battery cables. Do some voltage tests. However, with the noise comment, I'd suggest the starter gear or flywheel gears might be badly worn or damaged.


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          You say it makes a horrific noise (the bendix?), if so... and if the starter armature is turning inside of the bendix gear, replace the bendix.
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