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1990 Bayliner 2651 Sun Cruiser Project

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  • 1990 Bayliner 2651 Sun Cruiser Project

    Hello All,
    Love this site !

    I just recently Purchased a 1990 Bayliner 2651 Suncruiser. I had been searching for quite some time for a boat that my wife would be comfortable on and when I found this boat I turned into that kid in the candy store !
    Boat was in fair condition for a 23 year old boat. Gelcoat had been neglected for some time but a quick wet sanding and buffing in some small sections has proved that the exterior will clean up nicely with ton's of elbow grease.
    The boat was repowered with a fresh 350 small block and outdrive was serviced with all new bellows.
    Mechanically the boat is great and loaded with features like shore power, power inverter, kicking stereo, tv and the list go's on and on. Cosmetically the boat needs lots of tlc !

    I am currently removing the dreaded bayliner side windows and skylights so I can replace them with new fresh acrylic panels. The old windows are in too bad of shape for any polishing.

    With the fall weather approaching and periods of rain, I have now moved to the interior of the boat. The previous owner did inform me of the head not working and in need of a major rebuild. I posted another thread "Bayliner Toilet Indentification" about this toilet and have since discovered that its a Jabsco 29090-0000.
    Not a job for the week stomach people.....

    While removing the toilet, I have also removed all the head's wall panels including the forward wall. The head has a fiberglass liner that encloses the room from the sink counter down. But above that fiberglass liner there are plywood walls with some type of heavy wall covering applied to them. This covering is pealing off and looks like crap ! The plywood panels themselves are in need of replacement to. I have no problem building new panels and coating them with some resin but I am wondering what type of covering I should use to cover these panels ?
    Remember that this room also functions as a shower which I would rather not use in the future ! Too much mess to clean up and dry down.

    Has anyone ever tried using the thin formica type covering that's used when making kitchen counters ?
    Im thinking that this would be perfect for a wet environment and would be much easier to clean. Plus it wouldn't start to peel off and wrinkle.

    Any thoughts on wall covering's in the Head ?

    I will try to post some pic's of my progress sometime soon.

    Joseph B

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    Re: 1990 Bayliner 2651 Sun Cruiser Project

    Hi Joe, I have a similar situation in myhead/shower, one wall, the one behind the toilet is fully laminated, the other 3 are mostly fiberglass. I guess they figure water wont hit over there lol.

    I dont see a major issue with using formica type lam, but you could also consider using shower liner panels from HD/Lowes...They are made for just the purpose you intend.

    http://www.lowes.com/pd_110598-293-FSQF.32_0__?productId=3446544&cm_mmc=SCE_PLA-_-BuildingSupplies-_-WallPanelsPlanking-_-3446544&CAWELAID=1023835456&kpid=3446544&"cagpspn= pla"

    Good luck with your new rig
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      Re: 1990 Bayliner 2651 Sun Cruiser Project

      Here are pic's of the head with the walls removed. I am currently using the old plywood panels as templates to cut the new plywood. Lots of curves in these panels. Wondering if I can use anything else to coat the new plywood walls because the resin fumes will surely penetrate the entire house. My garage is under the house and I have to keep the temp up to use the resin.

      Click image for larger version

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      Click image for larger version

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        Re: 1990 Bayliner 2651 Sun Cruiser Project

        I know you can get flat sheet acrylic, white and other colors as well, for 'diy' shower and bath enclosures.. cant see why it wouldn't work in a boat? Glue it to the wall you put back in, seal the edges/seams with calking or silicone... I'm a big fan of using home reno stuff in boats... and marine materials in the home My sliding door to the back deck has teak trim on the floor...from an old boat
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          Re: 1990 Bayliner 2651 Sun Cruiser Project

          FRP = Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic. It's made for bathrooms and kitchen installations in the commercial world, should be fine in a marine bathroom? There are different types/patterns, so you might be able to get a tile look?



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            Re: 1990 Bayliner 2651 Sun Cruiser Project

            As usual I'm knee deep in multiple task now and while waiting for parts and supplies I started reviewing the shore power system and what my future needs will be.
            Does anyone have any info on the shore power panel that was used with this 1990 (2651) ? I want to pull this panel out and check it's wiring. I know the panel does have 2 sources of 120 volts. One is the shore power and has a main switch/breaker. Another area below that breaker has an area for another switch/breaker for an optional source such as generator but the holes where the switch is just have plastic plugs installed to cover the holes. I want to try using a power inverter to power 1 or 2 outlets. Mainly for a tv and possibly a blender. If I have to install separate outlets that's fine, but I will check this panel first to see it's capabilities. I also already know about 2 different power sources that can be out of phase from each other ! Just wanted to know if anyone has any info on this panel and the actual switches/breakers and if they are obtainable anywhere.