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Converting a trailer to drive on?

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  • Converting a trailer to drive on?

    Anyone have good luck with taking an older trailer and making it more user friendly at the dock.

    My trailer is a 1981 with tilt - it is hard to get the boat on without getting in the water because its the older style that is not drive on.

    I was looking for ideas to modify the boat.

    One thought is that the front roller could be converted to a V notch of some sort that is wider and could help line the boat up properly.

    Thanks for any ideas.

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    Re: Converting a trailer to drive on?

    Well.. honestly no trailer should be "drive on". Driving a boat onto the trailer pretty much guarantees erosion right at the end of the boat ramp where it will cause problems for other folks. Plus it can damage your motor if you happen to over-rev when your intake is sucking air.

    There are lots of ways to make trailers easier to use.. I'd suggest posting this in the trailers section of this board for more help (Mods, can you move this?)

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      Re: Converting a trailer to drive on?

      It could be as simple as changing your keel rollers to self centering type. The keel rollers on the tilt trailer I had were pretty narrow and cheap. These work great.

      You might want to look at the many guide-ons on the market. They are a big help in the wind.
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