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  • Varnish

    I have paddles that were dipped in polyurethane varnish. They have a nice thick coat - except where the kind scrapped along the gunwales or defended themselves from the rocks on the lake bottom. Do I need to stick with polyurethane or can I repair with spar varnish? I only ask because I have spar in hand from another project. Thanks for your thoughts.

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    Don’t see why you can’t use the spar . Your gunna want to sand it a bit before.
    Do one small patch and see how it holds up . You can always sand it down again and apply the polyurethane
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      I would recommend sanding them down with 120grit paper and give it a coat of dewaxed shellac... Dewaxed shellac makes an excellent tie coat for finishes. It adheres to pretty much everything, and pretty much everything adheres to it. Plus its cheap.


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        Rustoleum's "Spar Varnish" is Polyurethane, it's just thicker, so there shouldn't be any issue with negative interactions.
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          Spar varnish is varnish that is resistant to sunlight. That is the difference between it and regular varnish. Ditto for Spar Urethane.

          I think a Spar Varnish repair will be just fine. Sand as recommended to get the wood clean and ready for coating.


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            A traditional oil based "spar" varnish over a polyurethane is ok. Going the other way can be problematic.