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1970 SPORT-CRAFT 300 Imperial

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  • 1970 SPORT-CRAFT 300 Imperial

    While it isn't on most peoples wish list, I have an opportunity of getting a sport-fishing 30 footer- absolutely free, flybridge too.(not sure I want that) it still floats, but now is just a hull. Completely empty.
    I know rebuilding boats is very time consuming but this is like building a new one. Everything is already removed
    It will be done in stages. I will clean and paint most of it, pro's for the engine, wiring, steering.(basically everything to get it able to move under its own power)
    I am looking for opinions before I make a decision. Resale value is not the basis of this project. Is this a project worth starting.

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    IMHO, if you have 2-3 years to dedicate to the project, $3-5K in funds all the tools needed, a big enough workplace and Grim Determination to see it through then I'd say go for it. Lot's of projects like this get started but not all of them make it to a Successful Splash!!! Only you know the answers to all of these. Rest assured that the members of this forum will do all that they can to help you make it through the project with the best advice you can get anywhere on the WWW. Keep us posted on your decision.
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      psawwww. Just a little rehab. Welcome to Iboats. Everyone here to help you out. Gots to want it that's all and make her yours. Then later she will own you.
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        $3-5k sounds great! i have estimated it a bit higher. Time really isn't an issue & i have a pretty good size area to work. I guess my problem is I'm a little unsure due to its size. still thinking


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          Well, they helped make my decision. I can't make my 18 foot trailer carry a 30 foot