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20 foot Starcraft 3.0L Volvo Penta to Honda Kseries conversion.

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  • 20 foot Starcraft 3.0L Volvo Penta to Honda Kseries conversion.

    Hey everyone,

    I recently inherited a 20foot closed bow aluminum Starcraft, this boat is virtually a shell. My grandfather had plans to restore the boat however he passed before he could get around to the project. I have started stripping and cleaning the boat and intend on going with a two tone of a fully polished look along with a Metallic red higher up on the sides. This project is likely something that will not see the water for atleast the year. So I am starting with the basics, this is the engine, it is a volvo Penta 3.0L inboard motor.

    I can't get over the resemblance it holds to a motor I am oh so familiar with. The Honda K series, I happen to have a full longblock sitting around that is looking to be the ideal candidate for this swap. I have everything from the engine, wiring harness to ECU and accesories. The main issue that Im dealing with will be the flywheel to drive adapter, and getting a proper setup that will withstand the upwards of 240hp this will likely be pushing through the drive. Anyone have any ideas on conversions? or upgraded Drive parts that will withstand this power? I will post a picture of the boat later today!

    I have already created a list,

    The motor will utilize a radiator system with eletric water Pump.
    Will maintain current oil pump setup(No Dry sump needed, as maintaining good angle for pickup.
    Will be switching to a marine friendly heaadgasket
    2008 Acura TSX K24a2 longblock
    Sidefeed intake manifold utilizing an aftermarket single cable throttle body
    Full programmable ECU and engine harness
    Aftermarket fuel system utilizing AN lines and aftermarket fuel injectors
    Centered exit exhaust coming out of the rear, above the inboard motor
    Will be removing all coolant ports on the engine except for the infeed and outfeed that will utilize a radiator and eletric waterpump
    Rear or front mounted radiator
    Marine grade Alternator and Starter to elimnate chance of fires ignited from fumes.

    Keep in mind this motor is currently turbo'd making approximately 400whp in a car, however, to keep the project possible, this will be taken off and it will be naturally aspirated to increase durability and reliability.

    I was intending on getting the Penta rebuilt, however for a 120hp outdated motor it does not seem worth it for the pricey cost of nearly $4000cad which more then covers the parts I have listed, that will double the HP, and drastically improve efficiency and reliability.

    Obviously, figuring this out will be done before any reupholstery or interior work starts!

    I would like any input from anyone else!

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    Moved your engine topic out of Volvo Penta and into the non-repair I/O forum

    Try to keep the motor discussion in that ^^^ topic and the rebuild of the boat here. Cuts down on confusion caused by multiple topics about the same subject for those trying to help.

    Good luck w your plans

    Got pix?
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      Closed this because it isn't a resto subject. Also moved the motor replies to https://forums.iboats.com/forum/engi...ine-conversion
      Please, no PM's (Private Messages) regarding boat/engine problems.
      That is what the forums are for.
      Only forum/moderator issues will be answered in PM's.