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'59 Blues Star Islander -- complete restoration needed

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  • '59 Blues Star Islander -- complete restoration needed

    I am finally ready to tackle this boat project. It was love at first sight, but unfortunately progress has been slow. Glacier slow. So hopefully this forum will be a little kick in the butt.

    Here's how she looked when I bought her:

    The paint was pretty awful:

    But I loved those fins:

    And the automotive seating arrangement:

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    That boat will be awesome when you're done. What motor are you thinking of putting on it?


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      I have a 35 merc; not sure of the amount of work that will take. So we'll see on that.

      I have started the prep work, removed trim and fittings and stripped the paint. I had the hull sandblasted and sanded the fiberglass deck myself.

      Some the fiberglass looks pretty bad, but based on some great work I have seen here, I think it's fixable with the right advice:

      Here's the target:

      I hope to use the long weekend to come up with a project plan. I am open to all suggestions and advice!


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        Haha funny quote at the end of the advert, it make you feel like a millionaire to own that boat. looking forward to see how it come out.


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          Now this resto is gunna be fun to watch !! Love the looks of it and it has a little bit of what everyone likes !
          Not sure if it had any elements of wood on her but I think some could be added somewhere ..
          edgepa maybe your project can help unite us glassers and tinny's for a good cause !!

          Bring on the "comet-like speed " !!!
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            Hoss- I love that quote as well. Let's hope the resto budget doesn't require it.

            Sphelps- thanks for the speedy encouragement. Based on projects I admire, this may take awhile, but the goal is consistent progress.

            I have divided the project into 5 buckets- hull, deck, trailer, trim & upholstery, motor. Some things could happen concurrently, but others will have to wait.
            I hope to focus first on the hull and deck.

            JB weld a few pinholes
            Rebuild transom
            Gluvit seams
            Interior paint
            Exterior paint

            Fix pits, chips & compromised fiberglass


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              MarineTex is also a good substitute for JB weld, and sands a lot easier.
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                Thanks JB. I hope to get it done this weekend. I'll update the results...


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                  Super cool little glasstinny, I never knew about this one. Tagging along for the ride and I have some tin working experience if needed. (So far a total of 52 feet of aluminum boats restored)
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                    Hi Watermann. Glad to have your experience in the mix!

                    I found an unopened can of Marine Tex and a jar of hardener in the garage. Probably 8 years old.... Still good?


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                      Mix a little and roll it into marble sized balls. Leave them and see.....

                      8yrs later, I suspect not.... Have you opened the can? Is the part A putty still plyable?

                      But at this point, if you mix it and it doesnt harden right, your only out a little time.

                      Often its the catalyst that goes bad 1st, but 8yrs is way out of the normal spec range
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                        The risk is up to you. I had some MT that was opened and half of it was used up then 3 years later I mixed some and it set just fine no problem. Knowing me, I'd use it
                        1979 V5 SS140 HP Merc ...... 1970 18' Chieftain IO restoration
                        1978 16' SS160 SeaNymph .. 1978 14' Seafarer


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                          Cool Boat!!!
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                            I did a test batch of the Marine Tex tonight. I eyeballed the 5:1 ratio and applied to a scrap aluminum with small drill holes. It seemed to mix well and was sticky like peanut butter. I try to sand it tomorrow and take before and after pics.


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                              The Marine Tex seem to be good if it supposed to be hard. Here's the pic:


                              And here it is sanded:

                              (I have changed to Flickr for photo sharing so I hope it works).

                              As you can see (hopefully), I have sanded one part partially and the other down to the metal leaving the Marine Tex just in the hole. Is it better to leave more material and feather it back to the metal or sand off completely just leaving the Marine Tex in hole?