San Diego charter boats / could use some help and ideas


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Oct 13, 2009
Hello all ,

I am a lifelong fisherman , but generally freshwater here in Utah . I have fished the ocean many times and caught various things but that's all been from the beach or a dock. . But I am heading to SD in a few weeks and want to take the Mrs. and my twin 13 year old boys out on a "real" fishing trip while we are there if possible.

I have looked at few companies and its sort of like reading Greek.

In the SD area , what are the best species to target ? half day / full day ? This is all new to me. Is mid June a great time for a certain species ? Is it a dead time ? IDK

I was in Punta Gorda, FL about a decade ago and I really regret not hiring a boat and going after Tarpon....I dont want that to happen again.

Any locals have any ideas or tips I would certainly be grateful - Thank you
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