Kicker remote control steering and speed.


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Feb 24, 2002
When trolling for salmon I often need to make very small adjustments to speed and direction because of side wind and under water currents.
I bought a Powrtran tailfin wireless setup to control steering, but decided to another way because it only controls direction. Next I bought the panther wireless kicker speed controller. Which with the help of a little servo adjusts speed. I ended up with 2 remote controls hanging around my neck. This I did not like. The panther wireless has the possibility to control both direction and speed. So I tried the Panther steering actuator setup , but every correction even with the slightest touch was way to extreme. Instead I put the powertran actuator back on which worked fine with the panther setup, but that too was just too extreme.Although it is a lot sturdier. The remote control command box has 2 sets of power supply supply. One for the servo and one for the actuator. Next I put in an actuator speed controller between the wireless control box and the actuator. This is a gizmo that lowers the power supply by lowering the voltage, but that worked only in one direction. pushing the actuator out, but not back in. Next I put the actuator speed controller before the the wireless control box. This lowered the overall power supply to the remote control box to the speed controlling servo and the actuator. Now the actuator works both ways at a proper speed. But it means that the servo works at a lower voltage which causes it to lose its fine tuning ability although it still works.
Is there a gizmo that I can put between the remote control box and the actuator wires that can lower the power supply to the actuator but having it work in both directions instead of allowing only one way direction? Or is there another solution?
Thank you for your thoughts and help.
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