Delta style anchor for coastal MA/RI?


Sep 26, 2006
Hello all,

Anyone have feedback on this? Ive installed a Maxwell windlass, proper rode & chain on my 26' Tara Pursuit hardtop.

Ive always used danforth style, but goint thu the pulput, it seems a Delta will physically work better and keep clear of the bow.

So, the question is, is this a relatively adequate anchor for this are, varying bottoms from mud to mixed gravel, spotty stones? I realize not evry anchor is great in all....but "overall", most areas, will I generally be ok with a Delta??


Staff member
Mar 8, 2009
Delta is a good anchor and holds in the soft and loose stuff

My cruiser used a Bruce and always did well for me. All chain and had anything from soft stuff, rocks and tree stumps. A good thing with them is they don't stick out as far and sort of help conceal themselves. The bad is you may need some protection at certain spots from the anchor rocking around and may come in contact with hull


Chief Petty Officer
Apr 25, 2010
The short answer is Yes. Its a great anchor.
The next question is- what size Delta will you use?
FWIW, my 34 Silverton came with a 22# Delta, which was sized correctly for the boat. Worked just fine for many years, anchoring in mud, oyster shells, sand, and thru occasional grass.
About 8 years ago I spent an overnight in a cove when a strong, steady wind developed. I was nervous because the wind was blowing into the cove, giving me very little room if the anchor dragged. i increased my scope to 10:1 and didn’t sleep much that night. She stayed put that night but it made me decide to go bigger- for safety sake. I got a 35# Delta (which works fine with my windlass) and feel much better in anything short of a hurricane because it’s sized for boats to 45’. I consider it cheap insurance.

All that said, we also keep a Fortress FX23 as a backup/ daytime stern anchor.
I‘ve found they can be difficult to set properly thru weeds and grass.