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    Pressfit Trailer Lights are Stupid!

    Silicon adhesive
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    Easiest to crank manual winch

    Atlantic 3 speed, 10/5/1 to 1
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    Winch Strap longevity

    Dyneema rope is the goods.
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    Stereo Upgrade

    Yea nah ,delt your type plenty of times.
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    Primer Bulb

    Hold the bulb with the arrow toward the sky
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    Stereo Upgrade

    Cheapest bang for ya buck would be a generator and PA speaker/s. Use ya phone for music. Or buy a decent deck, tweeters and midrange speakers an amp to run them and some basooker tubes with built in amps, you will need to run another battery or 2
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    Trailer and Boat Rough Ride

    Common practice here to drop pressures in tyres by 30% on corrugated roads including vehicle. Drop speed till its comfortable.
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    Trailer and Boat Rough Ride

    How fast ya bangen down this gravel road, take some pressure out ya tyres for the gravel, pump em back up wen you hit that bitchumine.
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    Boat cover: Maxum 2400 SR3 with Swim platform.

    I use a heavy duty truck tarp had it 30 years, fell off the back of a truck. Though to get one made would not be resonably priced.
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    Rec gas prices???

    We get cheap Tuesdays in West oz 1.70/ liter then anything to 2$+ for 91.
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    Replacing trailer axle... what are the considerations?

    Yea well that would explain the lack of leaf springs. Photos suck take some of your considerations.
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    Replacing trailer axle... what are the considerations?

    Post some photos of your trailer. Only ones I have seen with no springs are Jinkers.
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    Front and rear channels will have same output so you will acheive nada.
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    Trailer questions for vintage Glastron Tri-hull

    Are there laws in Murica that prevent the lengthening of the draw bar? I had one of those hulls with a 90 jono it was a beast.
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    1995 Johnson 200hp model number

    J200TXEOC is what a search came up with, google is your friend