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1st time...new owner

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  • 1st time...new owner

    just bought an 81 14' McKee....project/ use this summer- winter I will start the real overhaul

    Previous owner lots of " dont worry about it, shes unsinkable" but...

    Feel like I have lots of work to do, but doesn't look that bad. Non marine grade plywood deck showing some signs of wear. Some dings, couple cracks ( blisters? what are those?) in hull. Nothing unmanageable. Seen some posts around with worry about water logged foam, etc.

    Taking to everglades/ socal marine tomorrow to dry out and do some patching

    It really was a steal. 2K with 03 30hp 4 strk mercury, perfect condition per socal marine

    took her out had some water issues (not sure where it came from ( loose plug, dings in hull etc) 5 hrs canal cruising...but didnt sink. lol. Hopefully the 360ghp bilge I installed today will stop that problem.

    However I really want to rip up deck and see whats up

    any words of advice?
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    Re: 1st time...new owner

    Hi there,

    I have a similar 14' mckee that is a late 70's model...they didn't change much if at all. i thought it was water logged and I did rip up the deck and put a new one in...that was two years ago and i'm almost done

    Mine had the original deck when i started and the foam wasn't really water logged. So i created a huge project unnecessarily.The boat is just damn heavy to begin with. But in your case someone has already been at the sole so who knows what ya got. I'd be a little worried if the previous owner did not replace the foam when they redid the sole. Fiberglass doesn't float ya know and a little boat can swamp quickly. There might be enough foam in the gunwales and the bow to keep her floating, but who knows. Anyway,, just thought i'd scare you..


    By the way, i decided not to use the center console and I'm currently building a side console similiar to the original setup.
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      Re: 1st time...new owner

      Thanks. Been out a number of times now. Stayed dry enough to not need the bilge on all but last trip. Some old repairs gave in on the last trip but nothing the bilge couldn't handle. Since have been fixed. I fiberglassed 2 dime to quarter size holes using West Systems Fiberglass kits. That stuff is amazing.

      I pulled up the plywood. The original decking was intact. With the exception a lot of screw holes and some delamination on the port side in pretty good shape. Been drying out about 2-3 weeks in garage 70+ degrees. All the screw holes and any cracks were filled with West System six10. Amazing stuff. I will try to relaminate using West System products in the winter when can dry out for a long time. Marine grade plywood going down this week

      Seems pretty dry right now, or at least as dry as its ever been. Water line should be much better. Well see on the next trip.

      Sorry to hear your not done with yours. I saw your pics online and thought to myself I could do it if I had to. Its looking like I dont.