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1998 1800 pro-v dual battery diagram (help)

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  • 1998 1800 pro-v dual battery diagram (help)

    New to forum and hope this is the best place for this question !

    I just bought a 1998 Lund 1800 pro-v tournement series with a 2000 125 mercury, and the front batteries was missing,, wires was all there laying in the floor.

    My question is can anyone help me with the right way to hook these up ?
    I have batteries and no clue which wires go to which battery.
    or if anyone has a pro-v of could send me a pic or a wiring diagram for the two deep cycle battries.
    email is fasassvalkf6@aol.com
    I have found tons of help here and I know there must be someone with same boat or model
    Thanks for the help

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    Re: 1998 1800 pro-v dual battery diagram (help)

    When you say the wires are all there laying on the floor? What do you mean? Do you mean that someone stripped the wiring from the boat and you are also trying to re-install it? Or are you trying to communicate that things are simply not hooked up?

    Is this a 12 or 24 volt system? is this a single trolling motor (meaning not bow AND stern)? Are one of these batteries the cranking battery?

    Are you simply trying to get power to the trolling motor power outlet?

    Give me some more info, and we'll try to help you out...

    Do you have a continuity light to try to track wiring?


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      Re: 1998 1800 pro-v dual battery diagram (help)

      Sorry for the confusion
      The wires were just not connected to batteries, they are all connected to boat.

      one trolling motor only

      It is a 12 volt only minn kota 55 AP bow mount trolling motor.
      And there is a set of red wires/set of orange/ set of black with purple stripe/and set of black

      there is also a battery condition meter/battery test switch batt 1 - 2
      and trolling motor plug at bow

      There is three batteries total one at stern for starting and two up front for trolling motor

      all i am trying to do is hook batteries correctly

      I want to install new batteries and dont want a smoke test !
      thanks for your help


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        Re: 1998 1800 pro-v dual battery diagram (help)

        Not sure if these pics will help or not. I took them last fall. They're from a 2008 Lund 1750 Fisherman. Port and starboard trolling motor batteries.

        My boat will be in storage until the end of this month. If it were here I'd take better pictures for you.
        2008 Lund 1750 Fisherman
        2008 Merc 115hp 4-stroke EFI
        2008 Shorelandr' Trailer
        And two wonderful golden retrievers


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          Re: 1998 1800 pro-v dual battery diagram (help)

          Thanks these pictures do answer part of my questions, I now have an idea about the black/ w purple stripe
          I see you have one on each batt
          is any of your wires orange, I can not tell from pic,, they appear to be red ?


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            Re: 1998 1800 pro-v dual battery diagram (help)

            Here is what I have so far
            trolling motor works/ but bow volt meter or test condition for batt 1 & 2 does nothing. no standing volt reading or test