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2007 180 HORIZON vs 2003 NADA

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  • 2007 180 HORIZON vs 2003 NADA

    I am looking to get a family boat that will be used on a lake for cruising, swimming, tubing. I need it to fit in my garage so I am limited to 17'-18'.
    Technically it its not my first boat but its been a while and my other boats wear junk and only used a few time. This time I want something solid that I don't need to constantly work on.

    I have been focusing on Four Winns 170 and 180 HORIZON's. I noticed that the base NADA for a 2007 180 HORIZON is less then the same model 2003



    The 2003 is over $1600 more for a boat that is 4 years older.
    I am guessing the base engine on the 2003 was a V6 4.3 instead of the 4 cylinder 3.0 and that is the difference.

    - Is that the difference if so is that the only reason its more?
    - For a family lake boat would a 3.0 135HP be enough?
    -It seems in my price range I can get a 2003 ish boat with the 4.3 or a newer 2005-2007 with a 3.0 for about the same price.
    -Whish would be the better deal for a solid family boat?

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    older boat could have also been a better built boat holding its value more.

    however here is the link to the FourWinns web site so you can look at brochures http://www.fourwinns.com/us/catalogs...ct-information

    remember, NADA is only a guide prices in season are higher than end of season

    i would get the 4.3 over the 3.0
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      Scott thanks for the info and link.
      So it seems that other then the engine difference the 2007 is a smaller boat 17'5" 7'7" beam vs the 2003 being 18'4" 7'9" beam.