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Crownline 202 Rear Bench Seat Base

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  • Crownline 202 Rear Bench Seat Base

    Relatively new to the forum and to my boat. I purchased the boat and had the floor/stringers all professionally redone and I am doing the rear seat. Problem--the factory rear seat frame has been disposed of and I have no idea the construction/intent...all that I have is the seat bench and back. Does anyone have specs or pix from their boat on how this is all supposed to work. It's a 1996, but I assume any 202 would be similar... I gather that the seat bottom must of folded forward on piano hinges or something?

    ANY help would be appreciated!!!???

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    I have the same boat of the same year. On mine the bench pulls forward to get to the storage underneath. The back of the seat is not movable unless you unscrew it. I don't have any pics of the structure but can get some when it warms up (vinyl cracks if you put any weight on it when freezing).
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      Appreciate the response. If you think of it and can get some pix that would be great....same here on the cold weather and cracks...crawled in the boat the other day and saw that where my foot hit the seat it crackled it!