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Cobalt depth finders

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  • Cobalt depth finders

    Hi. I purchased a 95 Cobalt 220. The boat did not come with a depth finder so I purchased a Faria shoot thru the hull transducer. Question? Has anybody installed a shoot thru the hull transducer? I am having a hard time getting mine to work - any advise on location of install?

    If you have factory depth finder, Does it have the shoot thru, thru hull, or transom mount transducer?

    Really need to try to get this shoot thru to work, I hate not having a depth finder. Any advise appreciated

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    Re: Cobalt depth finders

    I installed one in my previous Wellcraft. If I recall correctly it the transducer needs to be set / glued using epoxy and can have NO air bubbles in it ... and no air pockets in the hull below where it's mounted either. Air bubbles / pockets cause them to read incorrectly.

    Good luck!
    2007 Cobalt 226 red/ black boot stripe; Mercruiser 496 Mag