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1985 Citation 2150

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  • 1985 Citation 2150

    Hello all!! First post and relatively new to boat ownership!!

    My wife and I purchased our first boat last year, a 17' aluminum wreck with a Chrystler 50 HP outboard.... we and our four kids LOVED IT!! We decided we are boat people!

    I sold it in the fall with the plan to find something bigger and a bit nicer.

    I have found a 1985 Citation 2150 Delux with a Mer Cruiser motor in it and we are about to pull the trigger on it. Any information at all would be greatly appreciated!!! It's a super clean boat for its age, and feels like a reasonable next step as far as size/price. I am buying it from its original owner... which is crazy but somehow true!

    I'm quite the novice so I'm really hoping for some feedback. What do you all think?

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    Which motor is in it? Sounds like it could be a diamond in the rough but check very carefully for rot as most '85 fiberglass boats have issues. ANY soft spots in the deck are usually indicative of more serious rot below in the stringers.
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      Ok, I'm going to look at it Sunday, will check for soft spots!

      It's a MC 170, is that good or bad?


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        Ok, taking a closer look Sunday, will def look for soft spots.

        It has an MC170 in it, is that a good motor?