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USCG capacity sticker needed

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  • USCG capacity sticker needed

    Hello all, where can I find a USCG capacity sticker for my 1988 Chris Craft 205 Limited Bowrider (21')? I emailed CC and no reply so far. Does anyone have this same model of boat that could at least send me a photo of the sticker and perhaps I can reproduce it? I recently purchased this boat as a project and it was missing that sticker. I just read through the USCG regulations regarding capacity calculations and it looks a lot more complicated than the generic LxW/15 (?) calculation that shows my boat's capacity to be 11 people- I don't think so!! Thanks!

    <EDIT> Well, I finally got through to Chris Craft and they don't have information on the older boats due to several changes of company ownership. But they did tell me that boats over 20' don't need that sticker and directed me to the related USCG regulation. Sure enough it says only boats under 20' require said sticker. I would still like to know what its design capacity is. Chris Craft's closest current model to mine, the 2011 Launch 20' has a 6 passenger capacity. Their Launch 22' I believe was 8 passenger. I was guessing my boat would be 8 passengers comfortably. Hmmm...
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    I have the same boat and looking for the same capacity plate. Were you able to come up with anything more on this? Do you still have the boat?